Modern & efficient transportation solutions

JayC is a creative Powerhouse who is designing modern and efficient transportation solutions. We have taken on the challenges of today and develop energy efficient products and methods along the global supply chains.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of human beings in the nearest possible future. We care about global warming and take the actions needed today to stop this trend by our innovative logistic concepts. Our new effective products will change the way of transportation. JayC is “Prime Mover” towards a new sustainable future in times of climate change.

With our easy to implement methods we will significant reduce emissions in the good transportation sector within the next decade. And our customers will benefit even more due to additional advantages such as lower total freight costs and a more versatile supply-chain which exactly fits to their market needs.

Contact us now and speed up your processes to a sustainable future! We are looking forward to team up with different parties along the entire global supply-chain from exporters, shippers, port operators, shipping lines to importers.

  • We offer a low-energy logistic unit made out of a material based on a sustainable lifecycle analysis
  • We introduce an advanced goods flow in focal connection points where various transportation solutions are linked up with each other. By simplifying good exchange methods we build up opportunities to choose more environmental friendly solutions in combined “intermodal” traffics
  • We create new logistic markets and products which help to optimize the routing and timing of good transportation
  • We reduce significantly global transportation emissions by our innovative logistic concepts

Support us in making the world more sustainable. Let’s get in touch! Start your future now and save your future resources.

We care and use our passion for creativity to take the lead for a better future.

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